Yimby provides an environment suited to the requirements of the market, capable of adapting swiftly and effectively to the needs that may arise in each event or celebration. A pleasant, modern and comfortable atmosphere, that’s the way you feel in our facilities.  Also worth highlighting is the good work put in by their staff, and the commitment they’re always willing to make to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Highly recommendable.

Aránzazu Gámez
Aránzazu GámezTECNALIA. eServices Industry Area - ICT Division

We wanted to find a place that reflected modernity, innovation and originality for a very special event in the centre of Bilbao. At Yimby we found not only an original space, but also a fully involved team that, shoulder to shoulder with our own team, made sure the event was unforgettable and an absolute success.

Aitor Zumelzu
Aitor ZumelzuVALS Creative Agency. Accounts and Strategy Manager.