uribitarte II fachada
uribitarte II vista de escaleras
uribitarte II espacio
uribitarte II ventanal


158 m²

We introduce a new YimbyStreet space where you can carry out or display your projects. Located AT STREET LEVEL, it has a floor surface of 158 m², the perfect space for showrooms, Pop Ups, workshops, exhibitions, etc.

Located next to Yimby Street Uribitarte, on number 1 of Rampas de Uribitarte street (Bilbao), it boasts three large display windows and is fully equipped and outfitted to stage any initiative for your business.

You can rent it for any length of time from 3 days up to 6 months. For more information call +34 946 941 141 or send an email to yimby@yimbybilbao.com

What’s more, we’ll let you have the contact details of all our service providers to cover any needs for your event: catering, audiovisual equipment, hostesses, furniture rental…